Saturday, 23 August 2014

Molly & The Little House on the Prairie

Molly is a fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder and just loves the Little House on the Prairie stories.  She has been wanting a dress in the style of Laura's dresses for a long time and I finally got round to making one for her earlier this week, ready for her to wear on a day out on Thursday.  She knew we were going to see DollMum and her daughter and have a  'Cowboys, Country girls and Indians' themed day and so thought it would be just perfect for the occasion.  An apron/pinafore is still yet to come, but she seemed okay with that as we both agreed our first two prototypes just weren't quite what was wanted.

She wanted to show off the dress which suits her perfectly.

Of course she had to have her hair plaited just like Laura's as well.

So whilst the fabric is not quite in keeping with the time period, we are making do with what we have in our stash rather than buying more, it doe suit the style of dress.

Fortunately she Molly found a  pair of red lace up boots in the shoe cupboard and thinks they go quite well with the dress.

Molly is such a sweet girl.

As such, there are rather a few photos of her!

Molly eventually decided that enough photos had been taken and returns to reading her book.


  1. Hi Molly
    I love your dress. How clever of you to find matching boots. Ask 'Ma' to take photos at your day out, so we can see you in your complete outfit. Are you going to let Henry go with you, or is it just a special day for you?
    Which Little House book do you like best? I like the first one, where they live in the woods and Pa goes off to buy provisions and brngs Christmas candy canes home, even though he waslost in the snow for ages.
    My hair is always in braids, well nearly always, because I like to keep it out of my eyes.
    Your friend,
    Wren xx

  2. Molly is very pretty and suits the 'Laura' dress perfectly. She is obviously curious just like Laura of the Little House stories because she went to find out about tepee life from Kayla. Laura always wanted to know about the Indians, whereas her big sister Mary was afraid to find out. Wearing the dress without the apron to visit Kayla was probably the right thing to do - little girls wore their pinafores for everyday play, they probably wore their best dresses without pinafores when they went visiting.
    Wren, if you click on the link to Cowboys, Country girls and Indians in Lorraine's post you'll see some photos of the day which my daughter and I put into story form, Lorraine took lots of photos too and I'm looking forward to seeing them here.

  3. Molly is adorable in her prairie style dress. I think the red boots are just right especially for riding horses! Glad Molly likes to read too and maybe one day she will write a prairie story ;) xxx

    1. You never know Ginger what talents these girls and boys of ours may have! ;-)

  4. Hoping that you all have a great day at DollMum's! Lookimg forward to seeing the resulting photos!

    1. We have already been Kendal, I am just slow at blogging - if you click on the highlighted link in the first paragraph it will take you to DollMum's blog post :-)

      We had a lovely day indeed.

  5. Molly looks so pretty in her prairie dress.
    I always loved those stories, they were my favourite during my childhood and then I read them to my daughter too - happy memories.


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