Friday, 3 January 2014

Second cardigan and lunch with friends.

Last night I finished my second 'Joan Cardigan' , this time in 'Cranberry'.

Cora is modelling it, and I must say the colour suits her very well.

It fits nicely over her long sleeve Christmas dress.

I can see she will be wanting me to make another in this colour so she can have one!

It also buttons up nicely over the dress.

Yesterday Henry was delighted to have a visitor come for lunch.

Milly proved to be great company and Henry really loves the hat she gave him.

Too soon the afternoon was over and she had to leave as it was a long drive home.

So nice to enjoy the good company of friends.

(Milly is Lottie's sister, who came to stay with Henry in November)


  1. Cora looks great in her pretty red sweater!! Milly looks wonderful in her beautiful outfit and how generous to give Henry a hat too!! So nice to see all of the pretty knitted clothing :)

    1. Thank you Ginger, I can see I am going to have to make Cora one of her own! Milly looks great doesn't she? Janet makes such lovely outfits.

  2. How lovely for Henry to have a special visitor for the day. He certainly leads a very full and active life.
    Your Cora certainly looks good in that colour so no wonder she will want a similar cardigan of her own later.

    1. It was a really lovely day we had Kendal.

      Cora is one of my favourite girls and just looks fabulous in this. I was going to get some more yarn today, but stayed in and redressed all the kids instead!

  3. I love this colour on Cora.
    Sorry to hear about dear Joan's death, I knew she was very ill but hadn't heard the sad news. She was such a lovely lady.
    Hope your visitors lifted your spirits a little.


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