Friday, 24 January 2014

New Set - In Plaid

Amber is modelling the set 'In Plaid' consisting of a sweater (does up with two buttons at the back), pleated skirt and vest/waistcoat. (Tights and shoes not included)


  1. She's beautiful Lorraine and this set looks perfect on her. Is she a new girl?
    Jenni x

    1. Thank you Jenni. No Amber has been with me a long time - she was one of the first my husband bought for me when we went to visit Shelly when I first discovered Sasha dolls. She usually wears her hair in a pony tail.

  2. Very nice -and warm, just for the just arriving winter!

    It reminds me strongly to the plaid fabric and some cutted pieces, laying in my basket, waiting for sewing.
    I thought to make pleated skirts and vests too. Let's see, if they get ready -for next christmas .
    Ah, and I must not forget to visit you for a lesson in knitting as I requested on facebook :)

  3. I love seeing the beautiful Amber and she is very pretty in this sweater, vest and skirt outfit. Wonderful colors for her :)

  4. The colouring of this plaid material is just perfect for Amber who looks really pretty with her hair down for a change.
    Great story of how she came to be in your Sasha Doll collection.Must be many a Sasha collector's dream!


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