Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Henry's Clothing - Final Instalment.

Final lot of Henry's clothing...

Underwear...he could probably do with another three pairs...but boys aren't that good at changing their underwear anyway so I don't suppose it really matters!  Would love to get him some more of the 'Y' fronts at some stage - these came with the set that Ginger gave him at the not sure where they come from or who makes them.

Six pairs of socks - I will have to make another pair for my own piece of mind!  One pair for each day of the week.  Probably a bit OCD, but hey it is for Henry!

Next up are shoes...I didn't realise just how many pairs Henry actually has!

Of course his walking boots were made by the wonderful Jean Jensen, especially for him to go hiking in New Zealand and have been worn many times since.  The fabulous welly boots were a gift from Harry and Harper (Carol), the shoes in front of them he arrived wearing.  The sandals in the middle were made by Lisa for his holiday as well. One pair is missing...a brown shoe/boot.

Henry's coats - one waterproof and one warm.

His hats.

Top left to righ - knitted cap & 'French' beret (made for his trip to France)
Bottom left to right - knitted hat from Janet and striped hat and gloves from the secret gift given at the Sasha Festival in 2012.

Fun Panda hat made by Linda.

Sun caps - a boy needs more than one you know!

Some of the clothes I have made him over the years are below.

Green sweatshirt pants and NZ Koru shirt

Checked shirt & NZ Paua Shell shirt and shorts

Music shirt I made for his first trip to NZ and green checked shirt he arrived wearing

Star cargo shorts I made for his first trip to NZ.

His clothes for 'best' made for the Sasha Festival 2013

Camo joggers were a gift from Kendal and the white shirt and blue shorts were a gift from Kendal and Judith for his trip to NZ in 2012.  The other t shirt I bought Henry.

UK shirt and navy shorts were bought for him to wear to the Sasha Festival 2013 to represent the UK and the Union Jack shorts were a gift from Kendal, originally to take to NZ but were given later as they weren't ready in time, so this year will be the first time he gets to wear them over there.

His love of dinosaurs are reflected in these two.  The Dolly Doodles sweatshirt was the first I bought from Judith and the Sashapotamus t-shirt  was a fabulous gift from Aunty Ellen, and he simply loves it!

The 'Crash' Dolly Doodle sweatshirt was Henry's fabulous Christmas present from Emrys and James and the jeans were a gift from Harry and Harper who stayed with Henry in 2012.

I couldn't decide whether the next items were 'dress up costumes' or not, so they are here.

Henry's superman Dolly Doodles joggers, t shirt and hoodie.

Henry's swimwear, towel which was a fabulous gift from Julie and swim bag.

A couple more items to come that I will photograph tomorrow if I have time - Henry is currently wearing them.

Finally jeans and smocked fleece by Milly Dingham, DD gilet and beanie hat I made him.

Now he has the task of deciding what to take to NZ!


  1. The Y-fronts are made by Nomacustom on Etsy. The store is closed is closed until the end of February, I think, but I have some on order for my tribe. Will have enough for Henry to have a couple of pairs too and will send them on, but they won't be here until you get back. No problem there though - the 4 sets he has will wash out and dry quickly in the NZ sunshine!
    I love his travel wardrobe.
    Jenni xx

    1. Oh thank you Jenni, that is so lovely of you.

      I don't know about travel wardrobe...Henry won't be taking all this with him! I am sure I will have to check his luggage before we go as you know what boys are like! I want us to travel light this I want to take some sewing, knitting and art supplies with I don't 'do' TV and there is no internet access so it will be lovely to be technology free for a while.

  2. WOW! Henry has a lot of very beautyful clothing. I love the last photo, Henry looks like a real boy, a little bit bored, he doesn't feel like playing skeatbord. (I hope you understand my bad English...)

    1. Why Henry IS a real boy! ;-) Thank you for your lovely comment. Your English is very good.

  3. Lovely post Lorraine!!! I think Henry has a great wardrobe. He is one lucky boy :). The briefs were made by Mary Anne Getchel on Etsy. Hugs, Ginger

  4. What a fantastic wardrobe 'Dear' Henry has accumulated and which looks to be able to cover every occasion and eventuality.
    Hopefully it can be almost halved for his journey out to New Zealand on account of the guaranteed warm and sunny weather.
    Safe journey and I hope that you both have a wonderful time out there staying with your parents and exploring the surrounding environment. Look forward to seeing all the photos when you return to the UK


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