Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow Gazing.

Snow gazing!

Henry loves his hat and mittens that he got as the secret gift on the first evening of the Sasha Festival.  They will certainly come in handy now we have snow!


  1. Love the hat and mitts, those'll keep him cosy for playing in the snow!


  2. Such nice photos! I wish we had snow! Have fun Henry!

  3. Love the hat! Henry is one lucky boy...

  4. Unfortunately for my Sashas we had our snow during the night and it was almost completely gone in the morning so no 'snow gazing' from here.
    Henry looks perfectly attired for playing out in the snow. Lucky him!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  5. I especially love the first photo...seems like a classic. it's nice that the snow is Sasha height, too!

  6. Great gift from the festival, my girl wasn't so happy at first with the little blue jacket we received, by the end of the festival she was very happy with it, as other things we bought or she won could be paired with it. I like the first photo of Henry in the snow. We had some snow as well, but I didn't do any doll photos because I had a meeting at work, I went out at lunchtime for a walk in the swirling falling snow and took photos, it was fun.

  7. Henry looks handsome as usual! I'm glad he has his warm clothes on for the snow!
    Keep safe and warm little chap!


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