Sunday, 20 January 2013

Henry enjoys the snow

It has been lightly snowing all day today and must have snowed most of the night as well.

Henry couldn't wait to get outside to have a play in the snow.

Snow Angels

Going for a walk...


  1. Henry seems to be enjoying himself, and he looks to be nice and cosy in his winter coat.

  2. How lovely to see Henry out enjoying himself out in the snow. Your garden looks wonderful, quite magical, with it's deep covering of 'the white stuff!' His woolly knitted hat looks really bright and cheerful and not only is it keeping his head and ears warm but enables you to keep an easy eye on him from inside whilst he is out there having the time of his life.
    Sasha love and thanks for this enjoyable 'snowy' post, from Kendal who feels even more guilty at not letting her Brood out to play in it!

  3. Henry does look to be enjoying himself in the snow! And is wrapped up so nice and snuggly that I guess the cold isn't bothering him! Lovely photos Lorraine!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

  4. Henry does seem to be enjoying the white stuff! It's a boy's paradise, of course! And your garden does look very pretty. Great photos, Lorraine! xxx karin


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