Monday, 6 June 2016

Blue Monday

An absolutely scorcher of a day today - lovely blue sky with the sun beating down.

Girls in blue today are Cora and Ziva

They are taking a walk in their pretty dresses made by Kath B.

There are still a lot of daisies in the lawn!

The beautiful Cora

They stop for a chat.

Girls do a lot of chatting!

I wonder what they can be discussing?

Two gorgeous girls who are very pleased to be out of the winter clothes at long last!


  1. Beautiful smocking on your beautiful girls. :) xxx

  2. Both girls looking 'as fresh as a Daisy!'

  3. The girls are so pretty in their lovely matching dresses and shoes. They are ready for a garden party. But I wonder, too, what they were discussing. A shame you weren't close enough to hear (or too discreet to tell).
    I have bought a smocked dress by Kath Barnett recently. It is so nicely made and such a good fit! There was a fight amongst the girls who will get it. My Cora, Juliet, was the lucky winner, but she'll have to share eventually.

    1. Thank you :-) They were talking pretty quietly so I couldn't hear! ;-)

      Kath's dresses are really lovely. So glad you have been able to get one.


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