Sunday, 19 June 2016

'All over dolls'

I think I am 'all over' dolls....yes, that is probably a bit of a shock to some who may read my blog, but I have been feeling like this for some time now on and off - probably about a year - so have decided to do something about it.

I am not going to act rashly immediately and get rid of them all...I don't think I could anyway as I am not very good at letting go.  Instead I am going to box them all up and put them in storage for a while to see how I feel in say six months time. If I still feel the same and haven't missed them I will sell them.

I will keep a core group out - a maximum of 10, but hoping to keep the number around about five if I can - probably a hard call, but this will be a good indication of exactly how I feel. So there will still be the odd blog post here and there as it takes my fancy, but I think I really need to take a break and refocus and to work out exactly what I want and how I feel and where to go from there.  

I will continue to introduce the last couple of dolls that arrived last year. Why?  I ask myself did I have new arrivals knowing how I felt?!  Perhaps the 'buzz' of something new in the hope that it will stimulate and excite, but it rarely has and if it has, only for a very short period of time.  I know some of the 'whys', continual pain is always a big factor, the subsequent feelings that come along with this, and the longing to return to NZ and missing my parents is another - and so I 'compensate' for these things by a continual 'search' for something that will distract me, but this isn't really working, the pain is still there, the loss of my music is still there and the deep seated longing and 'home sickness' is still with me.

So I could probably write more, but won't for now.

I will post about the Sasha Festival which I am looking forward to going to, and the adventures of Henry will continue (although even that has become a bit of a 'chore' at times, (and the loss of a lot of his hair has depressed me somewhat) - there are a few more 'Henry in Cornwall' posts to publish yet...and there may be the odd post here and there, but on a whole I think I really need a break.


  1. I completely understand the "continual search for something to distract me". You're not alone there. A break is as good as a holiday and may really help you out. And, Henry will give you a hand, too.

    1. Thank you Jesse. I think a break will be good, although we have the Sasha Festival first which we ARE looking forward to. Henry is always good at lending a hand :-)

  2. I think that we all feel like this now and then but usually we tend to get over it in time.
    That's a good and sensible idea to just pack most of your dolls away for a time and then see how you're coping without them.

    I am well aware of how MY general health has deteriorated over the last few years and which doesn't now allow me to get 'out and about' with my Sasha dolls and camera like I used to enjoy, plus their increasing numbers have used up any spare space there was here, so after doing some final SCW posts there will be a massive downsizing with only a few dolls, my favourites of their clothing and a couple of necessary accessories kept... just in incase...!

    Good luck with hopefully finding what you are seeking.

    1. I hope so Kendal!

      Good luck with your downsizing, I can imagine it will be really difficult.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  3. I understand your feelings - for me it was similar with making miniatures in 1:12. There came a point at which there was no more fun in it. So maybe you'll have to move on to somewhere different - but I believe it's also a good idea not to rush this, but wait for six months and decide then if you still want to sell your dolls.

    I'm a bit sad anyway - I will miss your blog!

    1. Thank you for your sweet will be good to have a think about it - the blog will still be here and there will at least be a few more posts for a while as I WILL post about the Sasha Festival and other little things as and when I am 'in the mood' :-) But after the festival I will take a break for a while I think.


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