Friday, 18 September 2015

Introducing Barbara

My first Sasha doll arrival for the year is the lovely Barbara. She came with Lena (the Sailor baby) the week before last. When I first saw one of these girls at the Sasha Doll Festival this year I thought I would quite like to have her one day, never suspecting that wish would come true only a few months later. 

I always take 'arrival' photos of my dolls and here is Barbara's.

She is wearing her denim skirt so I believe she is the first year these were produced, so around 1997.

She has a cute splattering of freckles, although they don't show up especially well in this photo.

Fortunately the day was nice when she arrived so she got to go for a wander in the garden.

Love how the sun is reflecting in her hair.

I am really pleased with this girl and absolutely love her.

I haven't had a Sasha doll arrive since I think it was late October or November last year and I'd almost forgotten how exciting it was to get a Sasha package in the post!  I have of course had other dolls arrive (and some depart) in that time, but there is nothing quite like a Sasha (or Gregor) doll arrival!

Thank you to the lovely person who made this dream a reality for me.


  1. IF she was, as you mention, from the FIRST year of manufacture then she would have been named Babett (not tool sure that this is the correct spelling here!) She was renamed Barbara in the following year's production.
    It took me quite a long time looking for my girl like this as they weren't all pretty faced dolls
    as such at that time but eventually I found a really gorgeous girl. I just loved the addition of the freckles.

    I agree that getting a new Sasha Doll in the post is one of the lovelist treats a Sasha Collectors can have! Wishing you plenty of future fun and happiness with her.

    Another super member to join your red-haired Sailor group....well that is, when she has had her sailor styled dress made!

    1. Thank you Kendal, I didn't know that - not sure if it mentions those details in the book - I was only guessing she was from the first year due to her skirt, but who knows with many of these dolls. Regardless of whether she is 'Babette or Barbara' I am really happy with her. Hoping to get a better photo of her and her cute freckles...but yet another rainy dull day today and I missed taking photos during the two sunny days we got in the weekend.

      Not sure if she is going to join my Sailor group or not ;-) I think she might be more of a land lover!

      I will enjoy her indeed - I was so excited when her and Lena arrived, you should have seen me - like a little girl running down to my husband's office to show him LOL!

    2. Just had a look on Susanna Lewis website and she has Barbara as the earlier doll (1997) and Babette as the latter one.(1998)

    3. I will try and get out my original cataolgues in the next day or two and look it up .....(though personally I prefer the name Babette of the two).

  2. What a beauty! I haven't seen too many photos of a red headed Sasha doll...I love her little freckles. :)

    1. Thank you - I love her little freckles as well

  3. Barbara is lovely Lorraine! I am very happy for you to add this special girl to your Sasha family. Her face painting is beautiful and what beautiful red hair! Congratulations! :) xxx

    1. Isn't she just super Ginger, I am so pleased with her. Thank you .


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